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Teen and Adult Acne – What’s the difference? Quotes such as “You will never be this young again” and “Remember when you prayed for what you have now” are just a couple circulating on social media that remind us of our age, and all that goes with it. These thoughts apply to our skin, too.

Skin changes as we age, and so do our skincare needs. It’s not optimal for adults to use the same products as teens, especially when addressing acne. What’s the difference?

Acne is the primary skin concern for most teens. Teens and young adults have more hormone activity than adults (aka “raging hormones”), producing more oil. So, they’re more likely to have severe acne, which most commonly pops up around the forehead and nose (T-Zone) or all over the face. Younger skin is also more resilient and has faster cell turnover. Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are all at their peaks (lucky teens!). Read the rest of this entry

7 Things To Avoid With Acne

7 Things To Avoid With Acne
Nearly 50 million teenagers and adults a year experience acne, the most common skin condition in the United States. Battling breakouts can be incredibly frustrating, because they can be triggered by a complex combination of factors you can’t control. The factors include genetics, hormones and the climate you live in. There is no quick fix. We will however discuss further the 7 things to avoid with acne.
Getting clearer skin takes a little patience and requires products that interrupt each step of the acne cycle such as the Rodan + FIelds UNBLEMISH Regimen. While consistent, effective skincare is a must, making changes to your lifestyle and behavior can help too. Here are 7 things to avoid with acne;
1. Washing your face too often or too vigorously. It seems counterintuitive, but cutting back on cleansing may improve your skin’s appearance. Vigorous scrubbing can irritate skin, causing more breakouts. Washing too often can strip away your skin’s essential oils, leading it to overcompensate and produce even more oil.

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Back To School With Clear Skin

Back to school with clear skinFall…time for back to school and for getting back into a routine. The anticipation, excitement and, in some cases, anxiety can wreak havoc on your complexion. If those hot summer days haven’t brought you a sweat-induced breakout yet (lucky you), then the combined stress of a revved-up fall schedule could easily show up on your face. The good news is that while acne is not curable, it is treatable and controllable. Go back to school with clear skin and flawless skin.

  • Wash your face both before bed and in the morning. A whole day’s worth of dirt, oil and even environmental pollution can coat your face by the end of the day. Likewise, hair products can rub off onto your pillow, and from there end up on your cheeks, so it’s important to start clean every morning.

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Essentials For Your Workout Bag


When you step up your workout goals this summer, remember to set the bar just as high for your skincare routine. Follow this workout mantra for your skin: cleanse, sweat, cleanse.  The Essentials for your Workout Bag are:


First things first, don’t sweat the makeup. Wearing foundation or powder already creates a barrier on skin. Combine that with perspiration and oil from exercise, and you’re looking at the perfect recipe for blocked pores and blackheads. If you don’t have time for a complete pre-workout face wash at the sink, use facial cleansing cloths to remove makeup. Read the rest of this entry

Occasional Sensitivity?

Occasional Sensitivity

Do you suffer from occasional Sensitivity?

If from time to time, you experience redness or chapped skin,  you may have mildly sensitive skin. Possible environmental triggers of sensitivity include: cold weather, heat, wind, and sun exposure; razor burn; skincare products and in-office cosmetic procedures. Trying to determine if there is a correlation between your occasional flare-ups and one of these factors is your first step in prevention.

Itchy or tight skin? Your products or cleansers might be too drying, which can strip the skin’s natural moisture barrier and cause sensitivity. Read the rest of this entry

ABCs of Skincare Acids

The ABCs of Skincare

Laboratory glassware on glass table top

When you hear the words skin and acid together, you may think of intense peeling or red-looking skin, but there’s a brighter side to this skincare story. Some acids are touted in the dermatology world for their hydrating, lightening and rejuvenating effects on skin—leaving a dull, complexion visibly transformed. Other acids are the first line of defense against acne and signs of aging. Learning the ABC’s of skincare acids can help you find the right products for your specific skin type or condition.

Check out our list of common skin concerns and skin-friendly solutions with potent acid ingredients: Read the rest of this entry

The Truth About Sunscreen

The truth about sunscreen

Our modern-day “love affair” with the suntan began nearly a century ago as a status symbol of leisure, wealth and beauty. But today, with so much knowledge of the sun’s power to harm and prematurely age skin, we’re turning to safer, sunless alternatives, and embracing the ultimate answer to this beauty paradox—protection and prevention with broad spectrum sunscreen.  The Truth about sunscreen:

Not all sunscreens are created equal? Understanding how they work is key. Read the rest of this entry

Does Fair Skin Mean Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive Skin


Does Fair Skin Mean Sensitive Skin? While all ethnicities are more or less equally prone to sensitive skin, having light-toned skin does not mean that you are destined to suffer from sensitivity. As Dr. Katie Rodan notes, “Despite all the studies, the medical and scientific communities’ ability to predict who will be sensitive to what is still not very good.” While genetics do play a role, there are many other external factors that can trigger sensitive skin. Read the rest of this entry

Summer Skincare On The Go



It’s official, summer is here and the days are heating up. Don’t forget to factor in how high temps and outdoor activities can impact your skin. Your summer skincare routine is important.

Play smart, cover up. Wearing sunscreen is crucial, but it’s just the first step of safeguarding skin from the sun’s UVA/UVB rays. Whether you’re cruising around the golf course or relaxing at a barbeque, protect your skin with a long-sleeve layer (bonus points for fabrics with built-in SPF). Darker, tightly woven fabrics Read the rest of this entry

Wedding Day Skincare Countdown


The hair, the makeup, the dress…your skin? That’s right, whether you’re the bride-to-be, a bridesmaid or a VIP guest, you want your skin to be as smooth and flawless as the wedding. The Wedding Day Skincare Countdown is on! But how do you get your complexion to say “I do” for the big day too?

Achieving a radiant, wedding-worthy complexion can be a time investment, so start as early as you can. Read the rest of this entry

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