I was recently asked what a gentleman  should wear at the office Holiday Party.  I would say it really depends where this party is being held and the industry. Herewith a few tips for Holiday Party Dress code for men.

When working in a Financial or Corporate setting and wearing a suit daily;

  • If the party is held in a formal setting, dinner in a restaurant, I suggest wearing a dark suit, charcoal, black or navy with a tie. If very formal and a tux is required, you will be notified in advance or by invitation.
  • If the party is taking place at the office and you do not have time to go home to change, bring a fresh crisp shirt to change before the party. Don’t forget to freshen up with a quick shave.


You don’t necessarily wear a suit on a daily basis and your industry is more casual. Remember, you may be having a drink with the President or CEO of the company. This is an opportunity to show your professionalism and that you  represent the company appropriately.

  • I suggest wearing your trousers or dark pair of denim jeans (if it is REALLY Company Culture) with a crisp shirt and blazer. All men should own a great fitting blazer. It is an important investment to make as you can wear it with jeans or dress pants in a business or social setting. Fit is the number one criteria and you should always buy the best quality you can afford.
  • Wearing a tie always makes it more businesslike so why not make an effort for the yearly Holiday party. A tie is the accessory that will show off your personality. Please avoid the seasonal designs with Santas and Christmas trees. You need to look professional and elegant.
  • Shoes should be shined and impeccable. Keep your tennis shoes for the gym.

Many companies have suffered economically. The Holiday party is a way to thank the employees for their efforts and sacrifices during the year. Although you should have fun and “loosen” up, avoid any situation that will be talked about until “Next Year’s” Party!

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