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Ever get the sense that today’s men are more forthright than ever about swapping skincare tips and manicure hotspots? You’re not imagining it, they are definitely “Manning up to Skincare”. From “monospacing” to “manscara”, research shows that men are increasingly taking cues from women in the grooming department as they become more invested (and invest more money!) in their overall appearance.

The Marketing company JWT Intelligence recently surveyed 1,000 men in the U.S. and U.K. and found that many are shedding old stereotypes about gender roles and expectations.

So just how far will men go to stay competitive in the looks department? Much depends on a man’s age. Millennials are definitely taking the lead in terms of image-conscious self-styling, with more young men embracing the must-have “man bag” and “man bun”. According to the JWT study, 22 % of the 18 – 34 generation think eyebrow waxing is perfectly acceptable for a man to use versus a mere 4 % among baby boomers.

Men are also becoming more receptive to new skincare habits that can improve their appearance. JWT reports that, according to the most recent date, U.S. men underwent 1.25 million cosmetic procedures, reflecting a 5 % year-over-year increase. In terms of skincare, while a quarter of men still prefer to skip out altogether, there are 54 % that use moisturizer, eye cream and other skincare products.

We will be sharing skincare tips to not only inspire and inform women, but the modern man as well. We will also explore other factors from genetics to gender and sleep habits, that play a role in keeping everyone’s skin looking its best. You can sign up for the Beauty and Fashion Newsletter on this page.


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