2014 Spring Essentials

Spring Essentials


I am a glam girl at heart, I love trendy items, colors, textures and bling. However, if you want a timeless wardrobe, you need classic and quality pieces that will last.  I have put together a list of  Your Spring Essentials herewith:


  1. A GREAT PAIR OF JEANS that you can dress up or down, according to your style. You will find that a dark wash denim is more versatile.
  2. A CLASSIC PAIR OF ANKLE PANTS – You can wear these with flats as well as pumps. Keep in mind that 75% of your wardrobe should be tops and 25% bottoms to properly mix and match your wardrobe.
  3. A PAIR OF NUDE PUMPS that will elongate your body to look long and lean.
  4. A PAIR OF FLATS – Your flats can be worn for a casual as well as a more sophisticated look. A metal color will take you a long way.
  5. A FITTED BLAZER that you will wear in all situations It will give you an instant chic look.
  6. A CLASSIC TRENCH – A good quality trench will last for years. It is timeless and will never go out of style.
  7. A TOTE BAG  will be the most practical from the office to shopping and weekend outings.
  8. A SPRING DRESS – Choose a dress that suits your body type. 
  9. A BUTTON DOWN SHIRT – Select a color or pattern that suits your wardrobe and style.
  10. A QUALITY WHITE TEE SHIRT is a basic in your wardrobe. I recommend that you buy the best quality you can afford and buy several. We tend to dammage white garments more, especially in warm temperatures.
  11. A BOLD NECKLACE, a statement piece that will show off your personality
  12. A SCARF is always nice to have in the cold air conditioning. 

All of the above items are foundation pieces in your wardrobe. As you can see on the above photo, all the pieces can be mixed and matched. They can also be worn casually or for a more formal look. In all cases you will look elegant and chic. It is easier once you have a foundation to add color, texture and trendier items to your closet, all according to your style and personality. The goal is to always wear 100% of your wardrobe and I hope the list of Your Spring Essentials will help you.

I hope you will find these few tips helpful. For any fashion advice, please feel free to contact

www.anna-mcconnell.com/ask-anna or subscribe to my Beauty and Fashion Tips.


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