Why You Need a Wardrobe Stylist

Your image speaks.

Why You Need A Wardrobe Stylist – We’re judged by how we look, act and interact with others. First impressions have enormous impact on our personal and professional successes. Our appearance reflects who we are, what we have accomplished and much more. Attitude and self confidence are key. But how do you have self-confidence when you’re not quite certain you’re dressed for the occasion? Wouldn’t you like to make heads turn when walking into a room, knowing you look your absolute best. Do you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Do you waste your time and energy on a daily basis trying to dress in something that will make you feel amazing? Are you spending your hard earned money and clothing you do not love?

80% of women wear 20% of their wardrobe

Anna, your “Wardrobe Stylist” will go through the closet with you to discover what is working , what is not and why.

The benefits of a consultation:

  • Learn what works for your body type and personality
  • Gain immediate positive attention wherever you go,
  • Be the person others respect and look up to
  • Save time and energy because of the  tools and fashion tips learned
  • Save money and stress
  • Learn first to shop in your closet
  • Avoid Impulse buying – Buy quality and durable items
  • Feel confident that you look your very best because you deserve it

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