I am a male crossdresser that is in the early stages of transitioning so still only sporadically able to dress female because still in the closet so to speak. Anna worked with me confidentially, to learn what things look good on me for my body type and age.  And then she provided an EXCELLENT style manual that had recommendations and explanations of types of outfits I should be looking for and how to properly coordinate both various clothing items as well as accessories and jewelry.  She then took me on a shopping trip to try on multiple items.  It was a VERY efficient way to shop because she went out ahead of time and set aside multiple items that she thought would work so we didn’t have to spend lots of time looking for things to try on.  We were able to try on lots of different outfits and she gave me feedback on how it looked and whether she thought it fit correctly and also if it was a good price or not.  She factored in the fact that I don’t crossdress every day so wanted to buy items that worked with lots of combinations but still affordable. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in improving their style in women’s fashions.  She was amazing.  Oh, and I had a lot of fun too.  Maddie – Kansas


“Anna Mc Connell is everything you could ask for in a Wardrobe Stylist. She works with you to help you look the best you can with YOUR style and budget. She does everything from working with your current wardrobe, to helping you find new additions to it, and even advises you on the do’s and don’ts of for your body shape and fit. Anna really goes out of the way to help find you the look that matches you perfectly and, this is my favorite thing about her, she’s deeply honest. The very first day I was able to pick out my favorite outfit she helped me find and, for the first time I can ever remember, I was excited to go out and be seen!”  –  Michaela P.


Rachel M M

Anna McConnell is truly a consummate dedicated professional who possesses a keen understanding of all facets of fashion and beauty. Together with her exceptional communications and interpersonal skills she applied these talents to greatly assist me in navigating these daunting worlds to exceed my needs. Anna has an incredible sense for fashion…as she took the time to identify what works best for me based on my specific body type, individual style and needs. She truly has her clients’ best interest first and foremost. Anna goes beyond just what is required…as I’ve consistently found that I can reach out to her at any time for invaluable advice and assistance. I strongly recommend the services of Anna McConnell without hesitation. She is an exceptional business woman and expert in her field.  – Rachel Mollie Martin


Allison McIntosh Carenza

I worked with Anna for Wardrobe Consulting. Anna’s essential items list’ has been fabulous and I’ve referred to it many times since our day together. With her help, I really discovered my own personal style. I think she is like a doula, but for clothes! When you know what you’re doing, you enjoy shopping more and the fear factor disappears. I feel empowered.  Working with Anna was fun, and enlightening!  Allison McIntosh Carenza (Photography)


Candice D

I have worked with Anna Mc Connell on several projects while she was performing a complete image consultation and color analysis makeover. I watched her transform her client by teaching them what colors look best on them and how they can portray certain looks with their clothes and jewelry. Anna is very mindful of budget, and will come into your home with her keen eye and pin-point the exact pieces to sell, donate and toss, including jewelry and shoes that also may be outdated and no longer age appropriate. After sorting, she will create outfits with the items you choose to keep and compile a list of items needed to purchase in the future to complete your look. She does a fantastic job and it is always great working with her. Candice Diddle – Insta Fun KC Photo Booth


Deb clem

“Big shout out to Anna Mc Connell, one of the most stylish ladies I know. If you open your closet and everything looks outdated or you’re not sure what to wear, she’s your gal. If you’d like to look more professional or transition your too-stuffy wardrobe to a more working casual one, Call her.” Deb Clem Buckert – Blogger – Entrepreneur



jo ann boyer

I can’t thank you enough for how your fashion expertise has changed my professional image, self-esteem and confidence! You identified my body type and immediately went to work on my wardrobe. Shopping is no longer a burden, but actually fun!  Your customized planner is absolutely terrific! I shop with a mission now and I no longer have to guess what I should or shouldn’t be wearing. Your service will always come in handy when I need that professional “eye” for specific wardrobe needs and I know I can count on your honest assessment!  I love the compliments I continually receive on the pieces you helped select!  Jo Ann Boyer – Keller Williams


“Anna was amazing!  It was like having a piece of France in my bedroom.  Her expertise on fashion is amazing.  She helped me to sort my clothes from winter to summer, and what pieces could be both.  Anna also showed me the clothes from my own closet that were the right or wrong fit for my body type.  She makes the best of what you have, and if you need a few more pieces to the wardrobe she can give you advice on where to shop.  I would recommend her services to anyone that wants to update their closet.  She helps you look your best, and isn’t that what we want as women.” Nicole Brown


Christine G

“There’s no one better than Anna Mc Connell when it comes to STYLE! Looking forward to more makeovers with you. Anna is a classy & talented stylist that helps bring out the beauty in oneself.” Christine Gregory – Queen of Paws 




MelaniMelanie is.e Myers-Irizarry”I really enjoyed learning what clothes would fit my body type, having my make up and hair done. I love my new hair color. The overall experience was wonderful and I really enjoyed it. I absolutely love the style book and it is going to do wonders for my wardrobe.  Melanie Myers-Irizarry






“A big thank you to Anna Mc Connell, Fashionista and Wardrobe Consultant who came over and went through my closet this afternoon. From two pairs of pants and what I have in my closet, she put together 23 outfits for me to wear to work.”    Sheila Williams Dees