Accessorizing is the cheapest way to extend your wardrobe and the final touch to your ensemble, the frosting on the Cake!

For those who do not know me, I am Anna Mc Connell, Transformational Coach and Wardrobe Stylist, I help women and Transwomen with their style and image. I help them create a wardrobe that fits their lifestyle, personality and of course budget.

What questions should you be asking yourself when choosing your frosting?

Something I walk my clients through is my H20 Method.

= What do you want to conceal

= What do you want to highlight

= So that you get an OOOOOOOO ! The H2O effect.

We can easily detract from the troubled spots with our jewelry, for instance, a bright and bold necklace will draw the eyes upward and away from your midsection

A beautiful cuff and a 3/4 sleeve is the best way to make your arms appear long and lean.

To highlight your best features, chandelier earrings will show off your neckline.

Or a statement necklace will highlight your décolleté.

There are many ways to use accessories to your advantage. Using jewelry, scarves, even bags or shoes strategically will make you appear slimmer, taller or larger. We should not underestimate their power.

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