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Why You Need a Stylist


In my career as a Transformational Coach and Wardrobe Stylist, I have come across several categories of people.

= The ones who don’t have any idea what a Stylist does

= The people who think Stylists are only for celebrities but very envious

= and women who would love to have one but assume it’s not affordable.

The good news is that it is a small investment for a maximum impact.

Why you need a Stylist!

Are you going through a transition in your life? A wedding, a divorce, a recent pregnancy, a gender reassignment? Or are you just stuck in a rut? Read the rest of this entry

How Clothing Shapes Your Behavior


How Clothing Shapes Your Behavior

I have always been fascinated by the Psychology of clothing. When people say that fashion and clothing is superficial, they are really saying that they have never experienced the benefits of being well dressed; Better job, promotion, higher salary…

I love people watching, after all being French, it’s in my DNA. You sit at a cafe and watch people stroll by. You can tell a lot about people, by the way they dress and present themselves. These days, we often mistake comfort for sloppiness with a “I don’t care” attitude. The German philosopher Hermann Lotze was the first to link behavior to dress in his book “Microcosmus” an essay concerning man and his relation to the world in 1856. In this book, Hermann Lotze stipulates that a person’s attitude is a direct reflection of the sensation he gets from his clothing. Men feel more manly wearing suits and women feel more feminine wearing chiffon dresses for example. Read the rest of this entry

I Have Nothing To Wear

I Have Nothing To Wear

Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe and told yourself “I Have Nothing To Wear”? Surely you have, most women go through this dilemma at one point of their life.

As a Wardrobe Stylist, I work with women and trans-women to assist them with Self Confidence, Image. Body Type and Creating a wardrobe that satisfies their lifestyle and personality.  

Let’s just imagine you are baking a cake.  You need a solid foundation before you think of the frosting or any add ons. Your wardrobe is the similar. You will need reliable basics. Flattering pieces, in neutral colors, such as black, charcoal, navy or brown that best suit your skin tone. You also need staples such as jeans in the style that suits your body type. 

Read the rest of this entry

Fashion Icons

What is Style? We could say it is the expression of individualism mixed with charisma.

Every time we stand in front of our closet to decide what to wear, our mood of the moment and our self image unconsciously comes into play.

Self confidence and style for some comes naturally. For others, it may take more work.

What do we see when looking at Style Icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren? These women were impeccable, elegant and always stylish.

Were they perfect? No, But they knew their body type, understood the concept of dressing and the importance of proportions. They knew how to create balance and they each developed their Signature Style. How did they do that? They did so by first understanding their assets and how to feature them.

Your Signature Style is a number of elements that people will recognize as being specific to you.

AUDREY HEPBURN Read the rest of this entry

Spring-Summer 2019 Trends

Have you been following the Fashion blogs for the Spring-Summer 2019 Trends and colors?
The four major fashion capitals of the world are New York, London, Milan and Paris and each city holds fashion shows twice a year.
There is always a big fuss about the Fashion shows and new collections. So much work is involved for thousands of professionals in the fashion industry. However, in terms of fashion shows, each designer has approximately 10 minutes to show his/her collection with compelling elements that will inspire, excite so that the main trends of his/her collection will be remembered. So it has to be dramatic and theatrical!

As we can see, the Spring-Summer 2019 colors are joyful, uplifting and bold with 12 top stand out colors and 4 classic foundation neutrals. From neons to pastels, bold and rich hues that are almost autumnal as well as earth tones for sophistication and simplicity. 

Uplifting and bold colors

The main colors that stand out are pinks and yellows. As for the trends, fashion is a constant come back. Some of the trends were popular last year and return with a little tweaking!

DRESSES – will be all about frills, bows, layers, ruching and ruffles. Everything we need to conceal our little imperfections. However, as you can notice, waists are cinched this season and the fabrics are very feminine.

Frills, bows and layersrushing and ruffles

PLEATS – Knife pleats are all the rage, short, long, culottes, very edgy or just a glimpse, always elegant and sophisticated.

knife pleats Read the rest of this entry

How To Wear Leggings For The Holidays

How should you wear Leggings for the holidays? You have certainly heard me talk about leggings at length. Wearing super tight leggings with a short top is far from attractive. Let’s face it, nobody wants to see your anatomy. Most leggings are actually just tights without feet . They rarely have the quality and thickness of a pant. They were initially made for athletics and dance and not for the “public” eye!

However, worn the proper way, leggings can be very chic and so comfy. They remain casual but you can glam them up a bit for the holidays. Not all parties or family reunions this season are dressy but you still want to look cute and festive. All these items are my Fabulous Finds from Amazon.com at incredible prices. Always consider the size guide before purchasing. You will find examples of How to Wear Leggings for the holidays here below. All the items can be found on Amazon.com at incredible pricing.

How to wear leggings

1. Satina High Waisted Leggings

  • HIGH WAISTED WAISTBAND – The SATINA Comfort High Waistband Leggings are a must have. The high waisted waistband comfortably hugs everything in for that sexy hourglass shape. You can also move freely knowing that the high waistband will keep your leggings in place and avoids any unwanted sagging.

2. Blencot Womens Turtleneck

A Stylish and Warm Turtleneck will look great and will accompany  you on a cold day!

3. Sam Edelmans Knee High Boots

Elegant riding boots are a great complement to your wardrobe for the fall and winter. Invest a little more in your boots as you will keep them for a long time.

4. Miss Short Hair Womens Printed Shawl

Stylish knit poncho wrap can be worn as a scarf, sweater cardigan, jacket, cloak, fleece, coat, shawl, wrap or cape. A versatile piece in your wardrobe

5.Siarola Multi-colored earrings

These earrings can be worn on a daily basis with all your wardrobe. Don’t keep your jewelry for only special occasions.

6.Funky Junque Metallic Clutch

The trendy sleek envelope clutch pairs perfectly with a little black dress, maxi dress, long or short romper, and skinny jeans!

7. Moloch Necklace

This piece will give the finishing touch to your outfits.Xmas comfort 2 Read the rest of this entry

What To Know About Denim


Everyone can look amazing in jeans if they find the right fit to feel confident and beautiful. Over the years, denim has evolved into the most versatile item of clothing in your closet.

Every woman needs a great pair of jeans, the indispensable wardrobe item. It is a challenge to find the perfect pair and many factors come into play. So once you have found the brand and style, stick to it. You will feel like a new woman. Here are a few things every woman should know when purchasing denim;

= The stretch enables the jean to hug you in all the right places. It also allows jeans to rebound better after multiple wearings without the binding of a non-stretch. I cannot believe we wore denim without stretch! I prefer a 1 to 2% stretch for comfort. If there is too much stretch, the fibers with the washes and wears will eventually loosen up and you will get saggy jeans.

Read the rest of this entry

What Is Your Idea Of Sexy?



There is a fine line between Sexy and “Trashy”. You don’t have to put it all out there to feel sexy and attractive.
I believe Sexy is about attitude more than clothing. You can look amazingly sexy in a turtle neck sweater and a knee length pencil skirt or a white tee shirt and pair of jeans.
It’s all about attitude.

My Do’s and Don’ts of appearing Sexy!

A woman who knows her worth and is comfortable and confident in her clothing and life choices is very sexy.

2 – Only show off your very best feature. If you have great legs, show them off appropriately. If you like your shoulders or your chest, show off a bit of cleavage or wear a cold shoulder top
Showing off too much is really a turn off for most people and showing everything at once would definitely label you!

3 – Always be age appropriate.
If you are over 60 and you are wearing a mini skirt or showing off too much cleavage, you will be labeled as ignorant of fashion and social rules,
You will also not necessarily attract the right and positive people in your life.

4 – FIT is everything
You can make a cheap garment look expensive but a tight dress or skirt in which you are bulging is never attractive. It can accentuate lumps and bumps and lacks sophistication.

Read the rest of this entry

Is Age Just A Number?


How young or old someone feels really has an influence on their health and how people view them. I would say the contrary is also true. If you are unhealthy at a younger age, you will tend to feel older than you are and run down.

An article published in the Perspectives on Psychological Science suggests that feeling young can actually make you look young and have the health of a younger person too.

I believe in the Mind over Body concept. Research proves this over and over again. Age depends more on temperament and health. I have known young people to be “old”!  Read the rest of this entry

Self- Confidence

What does Self-Confidence mean to you?

Have you ever thought of who you really wanted to be? Have you visualized your life, your profession, your friends, what you would be wearing, how you would feel? How would others treat you?

Self-Confidence is really the key. Some may have difficulty believing it but I was more of an introvert and very reserved. I was always very impressed by confident people. They were so bold, outgoing and driven. So confident of their self worth, appearance and abilities. It is a very attractive trait and draws like-minded people to you. I have had to really work on this because it became a handicap for me, in my professional as well as in my personal life. Read the rest of this entry

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