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Fashionable at Any Age

Many women come to me because they are frustrated by the trends and clothing choices they find in store.

Unless you spend your day at the gym, you don’t have the same body you had in your 20’s. Time, pregnancies and /or menopause tend to take a toll on our bodies.

On social media earlier this week, I was asking what aging gracefully meant to you.

For me, it means being more knowledgeable, wiser, having more patience. Appearing younger is not a goal, I just want to be the best version of myself.

I would not trade all this for the body I had in my 20’s. I didn’t have the confidence I have today, nor the life experiences.

So how can you look fashionable at any age? By following my ABC’s


Age is just a number. You are what you believe yourself to be. It’s all about attitude. If you say to yourself, I’m old, you will likely act and dress like it.

Accept your age but don’t dress like the 20 year old. It will look like you are trying too hard. Besides the 20 year old will always win, we cannot compete, nor should we want to.

However, you can take care of your health and wellness, mind and body. The happier and fit you will be the more radiant you will appear.

Also, take care of your skin. 

Do you have a beauty routine? If not create one. Your face is the first thing people see and remember. Your smile and your eyes tell your story.

I’ve learnt to live in the moment, be active and spend time with people who make me laugh, are positive and support me. That is my motto.


Whatever your body shape, remember to balance your proportions.

Your body is unique, no one else’s is like yours. Understanding how to dress your body will help create a flattering look every time.

How do your shoulders relate to your hips?

Do you have a defined waist?

Once you figure out the particulars of your shape, you will know what you should enhance or minimize for a balanced figure.


Classic is not frumpy and old fashion clothing! It doesn’t have to be boring.

It means Opting for simple lines, couture details, structured items and better quality tailoring. This will make you look youthful and elegant.

Classic styles flatter many shapes. Besides, you won’t need to update your wardrobe constantly. They are timeless, for instance a sheath dress, an A line skirt or a straight ankle pant, can be worn anytime,

Classic also means dressing differently at an older age.

What does your décolleté look like?

with sun damage and time, it may not look as youthful.

Check the length of your skirts and dresses.

Sometimes just an inch up or down can make a world of difference.

And lastly, does your style represent who you are today? Your style should evolve with your age.

You can turn heads at any age, be elegant and chic.

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What to Know About Shopping

The average household spends 5% of their monthly income on clothing.

How about you? Do you have a plan, a strategy?

This is one of the services I provide, shopping with and for my clients. They love the fact that I can help them build a wardrobe with limitless options.

Here are a few things to consider before heading out the door shopping.

Have you gone through your closet and determined what you needed? I don’t know about you but I go grocery shopping with a list and have gotten into the habit of doing the same when shopping for clothing. It keeps you focussed on your needs.

Have you determined the gaps in your wardrobe? Where are they? Are they for casual wear, professional or other?

2) Do you record your purchases? Do you have a “budget diary”? I record everything I spend and include the receipts.

This allows me to make a purchase plan for the following year. How I buy, what and when.

3) When shopping, consider

Does it fit your lifestyle and activities? If you are no longer working perhaps your business suits are no longer necessary. You can wear the  suits as separates and pair your jackets with jeans or take to consignment. 

If you are retired and golfing, or traveling your wardrobe will be totally different than when you were working.

It’s time to make room for the new chapter of your life.

Does it fit your body type? Knowing your body type beforehand is essential. This will determine which styles best suit your shape. What you want to enhance or conceal. A pear shape will not wear the same thing as an inverted triangle.

What is your color scheme? The garment should suit your skin tone as well as the color scheme of your wardrobe.

All items should work together and complement each other.

Your personality?

The studded leather jacket may be very cute and appealing but will you ever wear it if your style is more preppy and Ralph Lauren than rocker.

Do you like the item?

How does it make you feel? We always have an emotion, a feeling tied to a purchase as well as a reason.

Can you picture yourself wearing it and it what capacity?

How many outfits do you think this will work with?

For an efficient wardrobe, you want to be able to mix and match.

Is this garment a foundation piece or a trend?

Knowing when to save and to splurge is important. Will you be wearing it for years to come or is it a trend that you will discard after the season? When you have a limited budget you want to buy wisely.

Consider the cost per wear. Is this a garment that you will wear often?

If the cost is 50$ and you wear it twice a year for evening, it will cost you 25$ each time.

If you think you can wear it for evenings and transition it to daytime at work,  then it may be worth considering the purchase.

The objective is to create an efficient wardrobe that works for you so you can focus on other things of your life.

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What to Wear When You are Busty

Whether you are petite, large, busty or have a smaller chest, we all need support, the right support.

I’m Anna Mc Connell, Transformational Coach and Wardrobe Stylist. I work with women and Trans-women to help them create a wardrobe to suit their lifestyle and personality. 

When shopping with a client, the first thing I suggest is a bra fitting. We know that most women wear the wrong bra size.
The main reason is that women don’t really know how the cup should fit, how tight the band or straps should be. They haven’t learned it nor do we talk about it. 

Finding the right size is tricky since much like clothes, sizing varies from brand to brand. There are many other variables such as the shape of your breasts and how your breast volume is distributed on your body.
Several different sizes (known as sister sizing) can also apply, for instance, a 36C could fit the same volume as a 34D or 38B.
I know it seems a bit complicated, this is why I am not a fan of purchases on line for lingerie. I much prefer an in store fitting with an expert.
A few things that women should consider when they have a larger bust. 

Some women are self conscious of their size and tend to slouch. This will only make you look heavier and disproportioned. There is nothing to be self

conscious about, on the contrary, you have curves, celebrate them and stand tall. 

We always have to fit the largest part of our body first. So if you have a larger chest, the rest of the top can appear baggy. In this case, make sure the top can easily be altered. Not all of them can or will look as good altered.
One of my clients has implants as many women do and finds that she always needs to have her tops altered. This is something to remember when getting implants, your bust should be in proportion to the rest of your body and not many women think of that detail. You need to be able to dress appropriately. 

Use the structure of the clothing to do so. Semi-fitted tops and darts for instance or necklines that elongate your torso. 

  •  The key is to avoid any additional volume on the top
  •  Show off your curves to your best advantage
  •  While balancing your body
    If you need help showing off that amazing body of yours, send me an email and let’s discuss how I can help you,
    In the meantime, you may want to grab my guide below, while it is still free. Bye for now 


Updating Your Wardrobe on a Budget

When shopping for a new wardrobe, you want to get the most for your budget.
Clothing is an investment so we must strategize wisely.

When implementing a Clothing Plan with my clients, There are 5 aspects I go over to create an effortless and stress free wardrobe.

1- Do you know your clothing personality? For instance,
Are you more laid back and casual?
Are you more chic and elegant?
Do you like timeless and classic pieces?

The activities of your life will also play a role in your style personality and your needs.
Do you take the kids to school, spend hours at the gym then take the kids to dance or soccer?
Or are you a professional business woman who sees clients all day?

Your level of comfort is also important.
Are you most comfortable standing out or fitting in?

2- Do you know your body type?
This will determine which styles look best on you.
One of my clients is an inverted triangle shape with broad shoulders. So when shopping with her, we avoid thin spaghetti straps, any embellishment or detail on the torso.

Knowing your vertical proportions is also very important.
Are you short or long waisted? You don’t often hear people talk about this but it will determine where your tops should hit for a visually proportioned look.

What are your best body features?
What do you want to highlight or conceal? Try on different styles to get a sense of what looks best on you.

3- Pay attention to the colors in your wardrobe.
Can you identify a color pattern?
If it is all black, there is work to be done. Believe me I have been there, I understand.

Do you have more blues or camels and tans?
See how your wardrobe can be color coordinated.

Make sure the colors you select highlight your facial features and suit your skin tone. If they make your eyes pop and your skin glow, you are doing it right!
Do you look better in white or beige?
Do you have a warm or cool complexion?

4- I always suggest to buy complete outfits, unless you know that you have an outfit match at home for the item of clothing you are buying.
I remember shopping with a recent client. I had asked her to bring 2 items that she did not wear. She thought it was just because she didn’t have anything to pair it with.
So one of the items was an orange silky blouse. She simply did not wear it because it was not her coloring. Each time she put it on, she looked pale and dull.
The other item was a peplum navy printed top. We paired it with a navy blue wide leg pant and it looked great. However, she wasn’t wearing it because it was very uncomfortable, the seam of the peplum was much too high on her. Fortunately there was enough fabric that the seamstress was able to lower the peplum for her. Sometimes, a little tweak can make a world of difference.

5- Last but not least, shop early for the season – The brands and shops bring out their clothing early in the season and this allows you to get the early bird discounts.

To continue the conversation download my guide while it is free. If you already have it, perhaps the next step is to get on a call with me to discuss how I can help you.

The Best Impression on a First Date

Are you experiencing panic in front of your wardrobe?

Have you started thinking about your plans a week before?

Or have you tried on everything in your wardrobe and still don’t know what to wear?

Which one are you?

The better you feel, the more relaxed and engaging you will be. A first date can seem very awkward, we have all been there right!

Our goal is to make the best impression on a first date.

There are several things I go over with my clients;

1- Where are you going? You would not dress the same way when going bowling than you would when going out for cocktails.

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Choosing a Winter Coat

The choice of outerwear, in most cases will follow your Style personality. If you are very classic, you may opt for a wool robe like coat with a belt. If you are athletic or more casual, you will opt for a long down jacket. 

When the first chill hits, it can be tempting to pile on the nearest layers in sight. Your coat is not for hiding. If you choose an oversized coat, think about your proportions and how you will look. You don’t want to sacrifice your style.
Do you need a belted version to show off your waist?
Or do you need raglan sleeves to conceal your broad shoulders?

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How Do You Feel When Standing in Front of Your Closet?

Givenchy, the French designer said “all a woman needs to be chic is a raincoat, 2 suits, a pair of trousers and a cashmere sweater”.

Most of us are so far beyond this. As a stylist, I have reorganized many, many closets over the years.

Going through your closet can be very emotional.

It questions your self image or the person you thought you were.

As well as Your body image – We get older and our body changes.

The clothes act as a security blanket.

It reminds us of special moments, happy times or how thin we were. One of my clients, at the age of 40 was still wearing her high school sweatshirts. She was lucky they still fit but they were no longer fresh and a bit outdated. For many reasons she could not get rid of them so we had them all cut out and made into a comforter that she uses at home. I thought that was a cute option.

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Fabulous For Valentine’s Day

Whether you like the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, it’s always a great excuse to go out with your loved one or a friend.

Here are three things to consider before heading out the door.

These are things I work on with my clients so they are never caught off guard. They have everything in their wardrobe for any activity or event.

1- Formality of the evening

Will it be casual or more formal? Even if you decide to have a romantic dinner at home, you still want to look sexy and attractive.

What do you have in your wardrobe that you can repurpose?

With my system, my clients can repurpose to mix and match with different elements of their wardrobe.

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Ready, Go Shoot

Today I thought I would discuss the three things to consider before going to a photoshoot for a headshot.

1- Do you have a Signature piece of clothing,  jewelry,  stylish glasses, hat or color that people always compliment you on?

This is one question I always ask my clients when creating their signature style to be portrayed through a headshot.

Some people don’t realize they have one, so we identify it together.

For example  one of my clients  loves  vintage hats and always gets compliments but had not had a professional headshot done. We did one and it was a hit, it shows off her quirky and unique personality and it is her signature style that people can identify right away.

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3 Mistakes Women Make When Dressing Their Age

Today I wanted to discuss 3 mistakes women make when trying to dress their age.

We have the ability to show the world who we are, our personality and all the amazing things we have to contribute.

All this from our fashion sense and the confidence that being well dressed gives us. 

Why deprive ourselves of this privilege?

Perception is reality and we can alter people’s perception with our clothing.

Studies have shown that people who are considered better dressed get better jobs, higher paying salaries and are overall treated better.

Our clothes, grooming and appearance is an extension of our personality.

People will judge, it’s human nature. They always have and always will. But we should embrace the fact and use it to our advantage.

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