Today I thought I would discuss the three things to consider before going to a photoshoot for a headshot.

1- Do you have a Signature piece of clothing,  jewelry,  stylish glasses, hat or color that people always compliment you on?

This is one question I always ask my clients when creating their signature style to be portrayed through a headshot.

Some people don’t realize they have one, so we identify it together.

For example  one of my clients  loves  vintage hats and always gets compliments but had not had a professional headshot done. We did one and it was a hit, it shows off her quirky and unique personality and it is her signature style that people can identify right away.

2- How do you want people to perceive you? The advice that I give to a client in the financial sector will be different than the advice I give to a client that is going to open her art gallery.

Both clients need to get a headshot done for publicity, social media and print and one of the reasons they come to me is to prepare for that shoot. You want to seem approachable and trustworthy.

3- What is the goal of your headshot? Who do you want to appeal to? If the goal is to get more speaking engagements and your signature speech is about authenticity in the workplace, you might be able to throw in a signature necklace, color or eye glasses that really set you apart as authentic along with your business suit. You want to be memorable and communicate who you really are.

Confidence is really the key and the best accessory that you can bring to any photoshoot.

Some of the things we work on with my clients are the poses, facial expressions and clothing because it all comes together as a signature style. I even give them phrases to repeat to feel confident so that their true personality shines.

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