How do you want to show up

We are all going to come out, either tomorrow or in a few weeks from being confined for a few months.
How do you want to show up? How do you want to feel?
Instead of hearing “Oh my Lord, those few months have not done her any favors” wouldn’t you like to hear “Wow, she looks amazing, what has she done?

No, we don’t and shouldn’t dress for others. We dress for ourselves, but looking great gives us the confidence we need to show up in all situations. My dentist used to ask each time he saw me, where I was going afterwards and he was shocked to hear, just to see you! I didn’t dress to see my dentist. I dressed because it made me feel better.

I have heard several times, “I really don’t care, fashion is so superficial” If we didn’t care, we wouldn’t dress at all, or wear make up or spend hundreds of $ a year at the salon.
Everyone cares it’s human nature. We want to be accepted, acknowledged. We seek approval, we want to be liked, respected, loved and have a sense of belonging. It’s natural and normal.

Every time we step into our closet to dress, we are in a certain mood and dress with a purpose in mind. You’re going to your child’s soccer game, run errands, to a Networking or business meeting, or date night. You dress accordingly.

It’s not about the garments themselves, it is deeper than that. It’s the feeling and confidence you get when you put the right garments on for your body. It makes all the difference.

Will you feel as confident and sexy if you’re wearing baggy sweatpants, a sweat shirt with hiking boots. If you do, more power to you. However, I can assure you that the person you’re having a date with will not respond to you the same way as he would if you were wearing an attractive dress and heels. He will not be feeling that sexiness!

I worked with a woman in her 40’s who was in a male industry. She was very professional and highly skilled. However, she was dressing down to hide her femininity and became just one of the boys. But the boys did dress professionally.
She was complaining that her career was stagnant and nothing was happening in spite of all her efforts. She was also passed up for several promotions, We know how frustrating that can be. After working together, we updated her wardrobe. There is nothing wrong with dressing more feminine. She wasn’t inappropriate, she dressed professionally. It didn’t change anything about her credentials and skillset.

What it did however, It gave her confidence, it uplifted her and gave her another perspective. This confidence led her to interact with her peers and management differently. She felt empowered, and that’s what I do as a Transformational Coach and Wardrobe Stylist. I help women and Transwomen gain the confidence to show up in any situation of their life feeling extraordinary.

Within a few weeks, she was not only invited to all their business luncheons but at the end of the year she did get that well deserved promotion.

Most people are not able to visualize, you have to show them precisely who you are. Especially when you are in a business setting, you have to show that you represent the company and its values well.

People who say that the way they dress is not important, have not yet experienced the benefits of it. I could give you a ton of examples on how it changed women’s lives. It definitely changes the way others interact with you or treat you.

So how are you going to show up?

It’s not about losing 15 lbs by tomorrow or going out to purchase a whole new wardrobe.

I’m sure you have in your closet the items you need. Perhaps you can wear them in a different way, adding a belt, different jewelry, wearing a blazer with different elements.

You know how we feel has to do with the entire package, from head to toe. So to get a kick start, perhaps a new hair style or new color or changing the way you wear your makeup will change your outlook.
Consider this new chapter as a new beginning.

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