Dressing is like architecture, we need everything to be balanced for it to be visually appealing. It’s all about your proportions!

Your body type will determine which styles look best on you, so it is very important. Which style of pant, skirt, the length or volume will suit you best.

When consulting with a client, the first thing we do is to take all the measurements to identify your shape.

  • We look at your weight and height
  • Your vertical proportions being the length of your body
  • Your bone structure
  • Your measurements ( The width of your body) bust – hips – waist and shoulders
  • And what you wish to accentuate or minimize

We often buy clothes that we like on someone else, on a store mannequin or in a magazine ad. We find that it doesn’t fit properly and more often than not we determine that our body is at fault. This is not the case. We simply didn’t purchase a style that suited our body.

So let’s look at three factors that I go over with my clients. These will help flatter your appearance whatever your body type.


You have no control over these measurements – They will not change

These will help you understand which part of your body to highlight (the top or bottom half)

Too many women focus on their weight or the size of their hips but neglect the vertical proportions.

A woman that has a larger bust and shorter legs will not wear the same thing as a woman with a larger bust and long legs. It will also tell you where your tops should hit, at the waist or at the hip.


We always want to lead the eye towards our assets. For instance, one of my clients is a pear shape. To draw the eye upwards and away from her curves, she wears V necks and statement jewelry. This brings focus to her lean upper body and beautiful decollete. She also chooses jewelry in colors that highlight her face and flawless skin.

  • What are your best features?
  • Do you have toned arms?
  • Do you have great legs?
    We all have at least one best feature we want to highlight and perhaps distract from another area.


Two women with similar proportions, for instance, an hourglass figure will not be comfortable wearing the same thing.

One will want to show off her curves with a pencil skirt and peplum top cinching her waist while the other one may prefer a full skirt with a moto jacket. They will both look great but with different style personalities.

Being comfortable in what you wear is ultra important.

Knowing your proportions and having the right fit is wonderful but to pull off a look, you must be confident and comfortable in your own skin. 

If you are not, you will feel awkward and it will definitely show. As I always say, it’s all about attitude and presence. Have you ever seen women, when walking into a room shine with their presence. It’s confidence.

This is why I work with my clients to ensure that what they choose to wear reflects their true personality, is in line with the image they have of themselves and that they are confident that they look their best.

To continue the conversation, grab my guide while it is still free. 

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