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How to control Our Image;

Our image is a tool to position ourselves both professionally or personally. It speaks long before people get to know you.

Did you know that only 7% of communication is verbal and we are evaluated by the image we project. Assumptions are made within 30 seconds, from our appearance. So much can be revealed;

= Our abilities and successes

= Our social status

= Our wealth & education

= Our mood & character

= And our Self Worth

Always start with the goal in mind, Who are you and How do you want to be perceived? What are your likes and dislikes? Your clothing should represent your personality. You’ve certainly heard to Never judge a book by it’s cover. This saying has always annoyed me. If you have a romantic personality, you will probably not be dressing with a leather moto jacket, jeans, chunky boots and facial jewelry. Have I met people that have made wardrobe mistakes, of course. But, I have seldom met anyone who’s style personality did not reflect their character and values. They are usually in alignment.

Your clothing covers 90% of your body so it is obvious that the way you dress will send messages about who you are and what you think of yourself.

Our clothing is very revealing;

= A neat appearance may depict you as having a strong work ethic and organized

= Baggy, oversized clothes may state that you are lacking discipline and not detail oriented.

= Messy or not put together may indicate you have a cluttered life altogether

= Inappropriately dressed or display of flesh in the wrong setting can show insecurity or lack of judgment.

Would all these assumptions be true, perhaps not but it would be the image you would project.

Mark Twain once said “Clothes make the man, Naked People have little or no influence on society”. I found this very cute.

There are elements that also impact the impression people have of you. For instance, tattoos, facial jewelry, body type, or facial hair. All these elements show your character and personality.

The key ingredient to matching our outer image to our inner beauty is self-esteem. Your image is a result of your inner thoughts and the vision you have of yourself. If you don’t realize your value and don’t have the self-confidence then your outfit will not be able to help you. Clothing is only an accessory!

I love people-watching, after all, I am French, it is in my DNA. We love sitting at cafes and people watch! It is so sad to see, people sloppily dressed. There is a direct relation between what people wear and how they feel or act. It clearly affects your self perception.

Studies have shown that people who wear formal clothing feel more authoritative, competent, trustworthy and powerful.

Women wearing silky dresses or pretty lingerie feel feminine and sexy.

By dressing casually, you may feel more friendly, easy going or approachable. It is your inner feeling that will impact your attitude + body language and how people interact with you.

According to studies conducted, it appears that people that look put together get better service in retail stores, or in the hospitality industry as a whole. I can definitely attest to this through many personal experiences.

Image is also the way we select our partners in life, relationships or business. We are attracted to like-minded people who look like us because we want to belong to a group, a community and share our lives. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it!

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