How young or old someone feels really has an influence on their health and how people view them. I would say the contrary is also true. If you are unhealthy at a younger age, you will tend to feel older than you are and run down.

An article published in the Perspectives on Psychological Science suggests that feeling young can actually make you look young and have the health of a younger person too.

I believe in the Mind over Body concept. Research proves this over and over again. Age depends more on temperament and health. I have known young people to be “old”! 

The Good news is that we have control over most of it.


  • We control 80% of the way our skin looks
  • We have control on our weight with excercise and our eating habits, it depends on our will power
  • We choose how we look, how we want to be perceived and our image
  • There is no discrimination, most people, if fortunate, will age in years. Consider it an opportunity
  • If we are lucky, we age with wisdom
  • Age is a matter of feeling, not of years

If you are healthy, the way you look, act and think is a question of choice. Mindset is a huge part of the equation. Having a positive outlook on life makes a big difference in how we act and interact with others. Have you ever met those people who are always negative? Not only they feel bad, we cannot say they are a ray of sunshine.


  • Laugh as much as you can
  • Love and spend time with your loved ones
  • Make friends
  • Learn something new everyday – Richness of mind is so important
  • Keep discovering and making memories. There will come a time when it will be all we have to think of and remember
  • Be the person you want to attract and befriend
  • Inspire and help someone less fortunate

Whatever our situation, there is always people less fortunate.

  • Be Grateful – Be Happy and take time to breathe!

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