In my career as a Transformational Coach and Wardrobe Stylist, I have come across several categories of people.

= The ones who don’t have any idea what a Stylist does

= The people who think Stylists are only for celebrities but very envious

= and women who would love to have one but assume it’s not affordable.

The good news is that it is a small investment for a maximum impact.

Why you need a Stylist!

Are you going through a transition in your life? A wedding, a divorce, a recent pregnancy, a gender reassignment? Or are you just stuck in a rut?

We all reach a time in our lives, where we feel that we need a new look, an updated style or a total makeover. Not only the trends change but our activities and lifestyle change with growing families or professions.

You know the saying, 80% of women wear 20% of their wardrobe. Considering the investment we make, this is inconceivable to me. My goal is that my clients wear 100% of their wardrobe and love what they wear.

What are the Benefits of a Stylist?

  • We have one opportunity to make a good impression. People will formulate an opinion about you solely on your appearance. Yes, because  they cannot see your heart or mind! It is human nature. A Stylist will help you create the Image you want to convey and help you shine with your personality and style. How do you want to be perceived personally and professionally?
  • Your Image should be in the forefront and not an afterthought. You have a Nail girl, a Hair Stylist, a Business Coach, a Nutritionist, and or a Personal Trainer. A stylist is Your Partner In Style.
  • Do you look at your closet and think you have nothing to Wear? Most women have a fairly large wardrobe which includes outdated items, items that have never fit properly, cannot mix and match with anything else… and those dreadful mistakes that still have the tags. Such a waste of $! A Stylist will edit your wardrobe, sort and organize. After a thorough assessment of your body type, style, personality, preferences and lifestyle, she will create a functional wardrobe to suit all your needs.
  • She will Create outfit options and suggest the best resources for shopping or shop with you.
  • You will be saving money in the long run, shop less and buy better quality items
  • Save time and energy – You will look effortlessly pulled together in minutes because you have the blueprint to your wardrobe
  • Packing for travel can be a hassle for most women. A Stylist will help you pack lightly and intelligently. Enjoy the trip without having to worry about clothing – fashion customs and more.
  • A Stylist will keep you updated on the sales, trends and how to wear them.
  • Say goodbye to the Fashion Emergency! A new dress for a party, an upcoming wedding…We never find the item when it’s at the last minute and have to settle for less.

This is my business that I have been fortunate enough to do for many years. I have met wonderful women along the way who have completely changed their look, their confidence and their life. I often smile when I hear women say that clothes and fashion are superficial. This only means that they have not yet reaped the benefits of being well dressed, a promotion, a better job, a soul mate…  You can have anything you desire if you dress for it!

If you have decided that you were worth the investment, schedule a 15 minute call with me to discuss the options. 

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