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Frosting on the Cake

Accessorizing is the cheapest way to extend your wardrobe and the final touch to your ensemble, the frosting on the Cake!

For those who do not know me, I am Anna Mc Connell, Transformational Coach and Wardrobe Stylist, I help women and Transwomen with their style and image. I help them create a wardrobe that fits their lifestyle, personality and of course budget.

What questions should you be asking yourself when choosing your frosting?

Something I walk my clients through is my H20 Method.

= What do you want to conceal

= What do you want to highlight

= So that you get an OOOOOOOO ! The H2O effect.

We can easily detract from the troubled spots with our jewelry, for instance, a bright and bold necklace will draw the eyes upward and away from your midsection

A beautiful cuff and a 3/4 sleeve is the best way to make your arms appear long and lean.

To highlight your best features, chandelier earrings will show off your neckline.

Or a statement necklace will highlight your décolleté.

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Fashion Myths Debunked

Fashion is like art, very subjective.

Not everyone is going to like the same thing. Nor is everyone going to wear it the same way

Obviously, Fashion evolves and changes over the years.

What was considered fashionable or appropriate years ago, will seem old or outdated today.

Fashion comes and goes with a set of rules that are generally guidelines for the visual aspect and pleasing effect.

There are also a lot of myths.

Such as…


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Travel Light

Do you know How to travel light with everything you need?

When planning a trip, our TO DO list is already so long. Packing is just ONE MORE  thing  to do! Have you ever tried to jam your entire closet in one suitcase? Sit on the luggage  to close it? or do you bring 6 suitcases for a 2 week car trip?

Years ago I remember going on a business trip abroad and realizing upon arrival that I had hung my jackets on the back of my bedroom door. I did not have one complete business suit. Things are easily forgotten if you do not take the time to plan it out. Whether you are packing for a few days or a week, it’s best to pack with a plan. So don’t be caught off guard. Here are a few things to consider when going on a trip.


There is nothing worse than being dressed for the wrong season. I remember a trip to San Francisco in July, dreadfully cold. I had to buy a warm jacket and It wasn’t the most stylish thing I could find.  I don’t think I ever wore it again.  Read the rest of this entry

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Dressing Comfortably for Holiday Get Togethers

Most of us are getting ready for Holiday get togethers with friends and family.

We want to feel comfortable in our clothes and feel good about our bodies.We also want to be photo ready.

I remember working with a client who was leaving for a family reunion that was going to last a week. The entire family was coming from all over the States. Cousins she had not seen for years. She had put on some weight and you know how it is, you know the reunion is coming up and you have diligently put on your schedule Must exercise but it never happens. She was working long hours and long days and the time came when she was in a panic mode, extra pounds and nothing to wear that fit properly.

After shopping together, we were able to find pieces who not only made her look amazing but feel amazing. She told me she had gotten a ton of compliments from her family members.

When you  wear the right clothes for your body type and feel good about yourself your attitude and confidence changes altogether.

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Fashion Hacks to Aging

When we think about looking younger, we immediately think of anti-aging creams, moisturizers and scrubs, but there are a lot of things we can do fashion wise to look younger and on trend without looking like our teenage daughters.

We don’t want to look like we are trying too hard.
A few things to keep in mind:

1.Opt for more tailored and structured clothing.

Choose garments with quality fabrics, cottons, wools, silk and heavy jerseys.

I avoid anything clingy or wrinkly, it only looks cheap.

2. Wearing an “All retro Outfit”

Some of us love to shop vintage, I myself love vintage jewelry.

I was discussing this with a friend not long ago while visiting a retro boutique.

The best way to wear vintage is to sprinkle in one piece or one accessory at a time and keep the rest of the outfit modern and fresh.

We don’t want to look like we just walked out of a time capsule

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Enduring Chic

What Is Enduring Chic? It is the elegance of Iconic pieces that stand the test of time. Items of clothing that are timeless and never fail to look Fabulous, no matter what year it is. You are sure to feel confidently well dressed, wearing one of these pieces.
The shift dress is a short, usually sleeveless dress that hangs from the shoulders. It is looser and suitable for all body types and sizes, anyone can wear the solid design. It has been popular since the 1960’s.

Enduring Chic - The Shift Dress

Th fitted jacket is a very flattering look. It cinches at the waist to create the hourglass figure that we long for.
Enduring Chic - The Fitted Jacket
The wide leg trousers usually have a high waist. They were popular in the 1930’s and 1940’s and favored by actresses such as Marlene Dietrich, Katherine Hepburn and Greta Garbo. It had a very “marine” style. This style comes back periodically as they can be dressed up or down and always chic.
Enduring Chic- The Wide Leg TrouserEnduring Chic - The Wide Trouser
The Little Black dress was designed in the 1920’s and were seen in the Collections of Coco Chanel and Jean Patou. it was intended to be versatile, affordable and accessible to the widest market possible.
Enduring Chic-The Little Black Dress
The tuxedo was created by Yves Saint Laurent in 1966 and received very negative responses at first.  Yves Saint Laurent made a habit of controversial collections, but always beautiful.
The Tuxedo became a celebrity favorite. Worn with a plunging neckline with nothing underneath, pants skimming the floor or very slim, hugging the leg. It has had many interpretations in terms of coloring, texture and style. The YSL team has reworked the tuxedo concept several times along the years, transforming and elevating it.
Enduring Chic - The Tuxedo
Do you have any of these pieces in your closet? How do you wear them? These garments are timeless and we can always find new ways of pairing them. Don’t keep your pieces for “Special Occasions” wear them in new ways, dressed up or down on a daily basis. What do you consider “Enduring Chic”?Enjoy!
Your Partner In Style
Anna Mc Connell

Why You Need a Stylist

Why You Need A Stylist

In my career as a Transformational Coach and Wardrobe Stylist, I have come across several categories of people.

= The ones who don’t have any idea what a Stylist does

= People who think Stylists are only for celebrities and are very envious

= Women who would love to have one but assume it’s not affordable.

The good news is that it is a small investment for a maximum impact.

Why you need a Stylist!

Are you going through a transition in your life? A wedding, a divorce, a recent pregnancy, a gender reassignment? Or are you just stuck in a rut? Read the rest of this entry

Clothing Affects Your Confidence

 Clothing Affects Your Confidence

It easy to see how Clothing affects your confidence: I have always been fascinated by the Psychology of clothing. When people say that fashion and clothing are superficial, they are really saying that they have never experienced the benefits of being well dressed; A Better job, a promotion, higher salary…

I love people watching, after all being French, it’s in my DNA. You sit at a cafe and watch people stroll by. You can tell a lot about people, by the way they dress and present themselves. Today, we often mistake comfort for sloppiness. The German philosopher Hermann Lotze was the first to link behavior to dress in his book “Microcosmus” an essay concerning man and his relation to the world in 1856. In this book, Hermann Lotze stipulates that a person’s attitude is a direct reflection of the sensation he gets from his clothing. Men feel more powerful wearing suits and women feel more feminine wearing chiffon dresses for example. Read the rest of this entry

I Have Nothing To Wear

I Have Nothing To Wear

Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe and told yourself “I Have Nothing To Wear”? Surely you have, most women go through this dilemma at one point of their life.

As a Wardrobe Stylist, I work with women and trans-women to assist them with Self Confidence, Image, Body Type and Creating a wardrobe that satisfies their lifestyle and personality.  

I am not a great baker but I love making chocolate mousse with strawberries.  It’s not difficult but you absolutely have to follow the recipe and the process. Otherwise, it’s a total disaster! You need a solid foundation. In this case, you need quality chocolate and you need to melt it in the proper way. Your wardrobe is similar, you need a solid foundation. Flattering pieces, in neutral colors, such as black, charcoal, navy or brown that best suit your skin tone. You also need staples such as jeans in the style that best suit your body type. 

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20th Century Fashion Icons

Our 20th century Fashion Icons are the epitome of Style.What is Style? We could say it is the expression of individualism mixed with charisma. 

Every time we stand in front of our closet to decide what to wear, our mood of the moment and our self image unconsciously comes into play.

Self confidence and style for some comes naturally. For others, it may take a little more effort. 

What do we see when looking at our 20th Century Fashion Icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren? These women were impeccable, elegant and always stylish.

Were they perfect? No, But they knew their body type, understood the concept of dressing and the importance of proportions. They knew how to create balance and they each developed their Signature Style. How did they do that? They did so by first understanding their assets and how to feature them.

Your Signature Style is a number of elements that people will recognize as being specific to you.

20th Century Fashion Icons - Audrey Hepburn
AUDREY HEPBURN Read the rest of this entry

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