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Swimsuit for your Body Type

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Shopping for the best swimsuit for your body type can be a nightmare. Of course we want it all, to look great, feel confident and sexy. You can accomplish this with a little patience and a few tips. The indications below are for women of all sizes whether you are small, average or plus size.

The goal is to balance your figure to be in proportion.

IF YOU ARE A TRIANGLE SHAPE, your hips are larger than your top.

Avoid a one piece, monochromatic bathing suit that will accentuate this shape. Instead you will want to enhance the top and play down the bottom to balance out your shape.

Opt for a halter top,  bandeau or V neck with embellishment, ruffles, ruching, pattern or underwire to create the appearance of a fuller bust.

The bottom should be simple and a dark color. A high cut will elongate your leg and a low cut will camouflage your hips. This really depends on your size and height. Read the rest of this entry




Most of us love to shop but there is an art and strategy to it. It is so disappointing to make shopping mistakes and it can be pretty costly in the long run. There are numerous promotions and sales right now to take advantage of. (10% off is not a sale) I hope these few tips will help you out.


Households usually spend between 3 to 10% of the income on clothes, the average being 6% for your entire family. If you have children, they have huge needs and wants, so it is important to use your budget wisely.

Know what you have in your closet and make a wardrobe plan. A shopping list is a great tool and stick to your list. This will avoid impulse buying, purchasing doubles and items that do not fit you nor your activities.


Dressing well is not about wearing the latest trend or wearing designer labels. Read the rest of this entry




2014 Spring Essentials

Spring Essentials


I am a glam girl at heart, I love trendy items, colors, textures and bling. However, if you want a timeless wardrobe, you need classic and quality pieces that will last.  I have put together a list of  Your Spring Essentials herewith:


  1. A GREAT PAIR OF JEANS that you can dress up or down, according to your style. You will find that a dark wash denim is more versatile.
  2. A CLASSIC PAIR OF ANKLE PANTS – You can wear these with flats as well as pumps. Keep in mind that 75% of your wardrobe should be tops and 25% bottoms to properly mix and match your wardrobe.
  3. A PAIR OF NUDE PUMPS that will elongate your body to look long and lean.
  4. A PAIR OF FLATS – Your flats can be worn for a casual as well as a more sophisticated look. A metal color will take you a long way.
  5. A FITTED BLAZER that you will wear in all situations It will give you an instant chic look.
  6. A CLASSIC TRENCH – A good quality trench will last for years. It is timeless and will never go out of style.
  7. A TOTE BAG  will be the most practical from the office to shopping and weekend outings. Read the rest of this entry





Now that you have organized your closet (previous blog) it is time to tackle your wardrobe. Editing your wardrobe takes time and patience but the result is worth it. If you need assistance and a boost, a Wardrobe Stylist can help you.

You have probably already heard that 80% of women wear 20% of their wardrobe. Your goal is to wear 100% of your wardrobe. You always want to feel and look your best. Here are a few simple steps to edit your wardrobe.

Streamline your closet to keep only the items that make you feel comfortable and fabulous.

You may want to edit your wardrobe twice a year in fall and in the spring. Start by sorting your items into categories:

KEEP – All items that suit your lifestyle and your body type. These pieces should be a perfect fit, color, style and of good quality. Read the rest of this entry



I have been editing wardrobes and styling for quite some time. The main complaint is that the closets are full of clothes but women don’t know what they have. I know it can seem like a daunting task but learning how to organize your closet is the first phase.  If you don’t want to tackle the task on your own, a wardrobe stylist can help you with the process.

Wouldn’t you love to transform your closet into your own “Personal Boutique”. Neat, organized and inspiring. Here are a few tips which can help you.

1.Make it bright and appealing -I like a bright color closet so everything stands out

2.Light it up – Adequate lighting is essential. In some areas, I use battery powered lamps that you can find in dept stores.

3.Pristine  – Coordinate your hangers, in the same color. I suggest either plastic or velours which are less space consuming. I use wooden hangers only for my coats and jackets since they are sturdier.

4.Organize – Group your garments by category, jeans, dresses, blouses…and by color from light to dark. Read the rest of this entry



Power suit

Is a Power Suit important? Today’s business arena is much more competitive and demanding than it was years ago. Knowing the industry’s requirements and how to market oneself is imperative. The amount of people with the same education and skill set is much greater therefore the competition more fierce.

The way we look and present ourself will affect the way we are Read the rest of this entry


what to wear to work

When companies hire an employee or select a business partner, they make a large investment. They need to see that the partner can represent the company and share it’s core values appropriately. Here are a few ideas of What to Wear at Work, to remain credible and professional.


  1. Consider the industry’s dress code. Every industry has one. Being oblivious to the requirements is a lack of respect to others. Yes, the rules do apply to everyone.
  2. Dress with quality items. This is a general wardrobe rule. We should always purchase the best quality we can afford. It is not necessary to have an extensive wardrobe. We just need quality items and fabrics that can be mixed and matched with Read the rest of this entry


Confused about Business Casual? Quite understandable.

Confused about Business Casual


In the USA, business casual originally began in the late 1950’s with a following of only a few companies. In the late 1970’s, Casual Friday became a weekly event. This trend was later confirmed with the .com era. Today, we have chaos as nobody really understands Business Casual and it’s rules.

Business Casual does not mean sloppy weekend wear, it is merely a more relaxed way of wearing Read the rest of this entry



Suit Yourself

Looking for a job is a stressful time in our life. We also dread the interview process so why not put all the advantages on our side. So “Suit Yourself”!

Whether it is in our professional or personal life, our Image is the calling card to success.

Did you know that only 7% of communication is verbal? In just a few seconds, assumptions are made Read the rest of this entry





I was recently asked what a gentleman  should wear at the office Holiday Party.  I would say it really depends where this party is being held and the industry. Herewith a few tips for Holiday Party Dress code for men.

When working in a Financial or Corporate setting and wearing a suit daily;

  • If the party is held in a formal setting, dinner in a restaurant, I suggest wearing a dark suit, charcoal, black or navy with a tie. If very formal and a tux is required, you will be notified in advance or by invitation.
  • If the party is taking place at the office Read the rest of this entry
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